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Quartz ceramic is a new type high purity and high temperature quartz material. It keeps the good characteristic of quartz glass and is made through advanced ceramic process. The raw material is fused silica or quartz glass. The production process is made through crushing, forming and sintering. Quartz ceramic features low thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficience, high temperature resistance and good thermal shock resistance. It is cost efficient than other types of quartz glass. It has the unique characteristic that its strength increases greatly with the rise of temperature below 1100 degree. Its strength increases by 33% at a rise of temperature from room temperature to 1100 degree. Owing to its outstanding characteristics, this material has been used in a variety of wide application in Metallurgy, Electrical engineering, Float glass, Glass processing, Aero space, Precision platform, Crucible for polycrystalline silicon melting and containers for torch and kiln jewelry casting.